What We Do

At L.R.S. Ramcharan we are driven by the needs of our clients. Our teams ensure the maximum inclusions of local skills in a range of sectors that vary from infrastructure to maintenance projects.

Road Construction

We pride ourselves on our workmanship. Providing quality service on challenging deadlines and within budgetary constraints. Our proactive approach and professionalism have placed us above the competition in this field.

Drains and Rivers

Every project begins with in-depth preconstruction planning designed to address our client’s objectives. From concept to completion L.R.S. Ramcharan provides practical yet innovative value-for-money solutions.


This area of work requires proper planning and execution to ensure the … and safety of those involved and the community at large.

Transport and Rental

Our fleet of equipment is always maintained to the highest standards to ensure maximum production as well as quality service.


L.R.S. Ramcharan supplies a range of aggregates from sand and gravel to slag. We maintain a robust stock pile of quality aggregates to sustain constant demand.

Earth Works

Our company offers a variety of environmental services. From commercial basement excavation to land benching for industrial and residential structures, we have the capabilities to handle the most demanding infrastructural projects.